Restorative Dentistry Provides a Fresh Start

When you have damaged or missing teeth, repairing and replacing them becomes a priority. We need our teeth to digest food and maintain our appearance. A missing tooth can make smiling uncomfortable, but there are a number of ways to restore teeth today, and Eagle Dental offers a wide range of options.

Nothing should keep us from expressing ourselves or having a functional bite. Our dentists produce high-quality crowns, bridges, and dentures in Edmond, OK to serve your restoration needs. With our options, you can regain confidence in both the function and appeal of your smile.

From Amalgam-Free Fillings to Implant-Supported Dentures

When cavities occur in teeth, we use a resilient, white resin filling to repair them. However, when decay is severe and compromises a large portion of the enamel or reaches the center of the tooth, a filling is not enough to repair the damage.

The following restorative solutions are available at Eagle Dental:

Crowns – We use crowns to repair and replicate teeth that have been impacted by severe decay, injury, or infection. A crown mimics the visible portion of the tooth and protects it from further damage.

Fixed Bridges – To replace teeth without dental implants, we place a fixed bridge over the gap, using adjacent crowned teeth as strong anchors for the replacement tooth that is secured in between.

Dentures – We offer both full and partial dentures to replace many missing teeth, up to a full arch.

We also offer dental implant restoration to replace one or more teeth.

You Can Count on Our Dental Office

At Eagle Dental, we always begin with a thorough exam to ensure we address every aspect of your oral health. All recent studies reveal that our overall well-being is closely connected to the condition of our mouths.

Our team is dedicated to helping maintain, enhance and restore your smile. Let us become your partner in total health. If you are in need of a crown, bridge, or denture in or near Edmond, Deer Creek, or Oklahoma City, call Eagle Dental today!


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